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Cub Scout Pack 181
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Welcome to Pack 181.

We are located in Lumberton Texas and are chartered through Lumberton Church of Christ.


Cub Scouts is for boys in grades 1st-5th.  Our Pack consists of various dens plus the first and second year Webelos (AOL). Tiger Den is for 1st graders, Wolf Den for 2nd graders, Bear Den for 3rd graders, first year Webelos for 4th graders and second year Webelos or AOL (Arrow of Light), as it is generally referred to, is 5th graders. The Boy Scout Program is for 6th grade through 18 years old.

The second year Webelos or AOL have several joint events with the Boy Scouts.  Tigers, Wolves, Bears and first year Webelos generally do not. Boy Scouts will be around occasionally either as "Den Chiefs" or for other reasons. Cub Scouts naturally look up to Boy Scouts and Boy Scouts are trained to express a degree of leadership whenever in the presence of younger scouts.

Den meetings generally occur twice a month depending on availability of Den leaders, Scouts and their parents.  Once a month we have a Pack meeting.  This is to keep us all together as a pack and it is a chance for each den to share with the other dens in our packs what they have been doing for the month.  This also is a night where scouts receive recognition for various adventures they have completed.  Families are encouraged to attend each Pack meeting as parents and siblings are included in many events.
The adult leaders of Pack 181 welcome you and need your help! We volunteer our time to make scouting work for our kids and yours. Usually, adults are reluctant to help out because they were never scouts and might be uneasy about getting into the unknown. There is no special knowledge required for adult leadership in scouting; previous scout experience is helpful but not mandatory. What is necessary is a desire to affiliate with the number one organization for boys in the world, and to provide the necessary volunteer support to make it work.   There are numerous ways to volunteer.  Please, contact us if you are interested in becoming a leader, assistant or volunteer.

We are looking forward to another great year in Scouting!